New employees

Jan Feldmann, PhD student at the Division of Algebra and Geometry

Jan FeldmannStart date: June 1, 2022

Broadly speaking, I am interested in applications of representation theory and harmonic analysis to number theory. I plan to start working on modular forms under the supervision of Martin Raum, but I hope to later study topics in algebraic geometry as well.

I have obtained my master's degree from the University of Tübingen in Germany.

Jakob Hultgren, Postdoc at the Division of Algebra and Geometry

Jakob HultgrenStart date: June 1, 2022

Jakob Hultgren's research field is geometric analysis. He applies tools from partial differential equations to problems in complex algebraic geometry and complex analysis. Some topics his research is concerned with are canonical metrics on complex and affine manifolds, stability in algebraic geometry, Calabi-Yau manifolds and sampling of polynomials. A central tool in his research is optimal transport and one direction of his research explores applications of this to signal processing, in particular compressed sensing and super resolution. 

Sanjiv Dwivedi, Postdoc at the Division of Applied Mathematics and Statistics

Start date: June 1, 2022

I moved to Chalmers University as a continuation of my post-doctoral experience. I did five years of research in the interface of artificial intelligence and systems medicine at IFM, Linkoping University. I completed my first master's in mathematics and second master's in computational and systems biology.

During my PhD at Complex Systems Lab IIT Indore India, we applied extreme value theory and computational optimization techniques to find the evolutionary role of interaction patterns found in real-world networks.

Johanna Fransson Tellander, substitute Communications Officerat the Division of Support Functions

Start date: June 1, 2022

I substitute as a Communications Officer with a focus on student recruitment at the Department of Mathematical Sciences and the Department of Physics.

Most recently I come from the School of Business, Economics and Law, where I worked as an Education Administrator and Assistant Web Editor. I have a Bachelor's degree of Science in Business and Economics with a marketing specialisation.

Eric Lindström, PhD student at the Division of Applied Mathematics and Statistics

Eric LindströmStart date: April 1, 2022

I am a PhD student doing research within applied mathematics. I am mostly experienced in numerical methods for PDEs, and I am currently working on a project about inverse problems for Maxwell equations applied to anatomically realistic phantom pictures of breasts.

I hold a bachelor and master degree in applied mathematics which I studied at the Department of Mathematical Sciences.

Peter Helgesson, Adjunct Senior Lecturer at the Division of Analysis and Probability Theory

Peter HelgessonStart date: March 1, 2022

My main employment is in industry, where I presently work as a Lead Data Scientist at Afry X, a digital innovation hub within the Afry Group. This role involves a wide variety of exciting assignments in AI and Machine Learning with applications ranging from algorithms for smart properties and process industry to problems in image recognition and NLP. I am also involved in several different initiatives within the company aiming to promote and share knowledge in data science, both internally and externally. Previously, I was for several years acting in the financial industry where I worked with quantitative analysis and data science, especially problems concerning credit risk and pricing.

I studied Engineering Physics at Chalmers and graduated in 2010 with a thesis in complex analysis in several variables. After that I took a PhD in mathematics. My research was about mathematical analysis for a selection of game theoric models with applications in biology and finance.

Ottmar Cronie, Senior Lecturer at the Division of Applied Mathematics and Statistics

Ottmar CronieStart date: February 1, 2022

I am a mathematical statistician and my research is primarily in spatial and spatio-temporal statistics as well as statistical learning. The emphasis of my research is in point processes, which have classically been considered as a part of stochastic geometry and can most easily be described as generalised random samples where dependencies and random sample sizes are allowed - this is exactly what makes them particularly suitable for modelling events in space and/or time. At present, the main focus is on the further development of a new theory for statistical learning for point processes that I have recently developed. The applied part of my research focuses mainly on epidemiology where the main focus at the moment is research on covid-19 and mosquito-borne diseases - this research is conducted in collaboration with, among others, the research group of Annika Rosengren (GU) and Max Petzold and Laith Hussain (GU).

I studied at the Mathematics Programme (GU) at Mathematical Sciences after which I started as a PhD student at the department (Chalmers). After my graduation I was a University Teacher in Suriname (2012), Postdoctor at the research institute CWI in Amsterdam (2013-2014), Associate Senior Lecturer at the Department of Mathematics at Umeå University (2015-2020) and Senior Lecturer in statistics at the School of Public Health and Community Medicine, GU (2020-2022).

Jenny Larsson, Guest Teacher at the Division of Applied Mathematics and Statistics

Jenny LarssonStart date: January 1, 2022
My research area is in biomathematics, with focus on quantifying and understanding shapes in biological structures. More specifically, my research is about analysing the variation in shape found in snail shells at a population level, to understand how snails adapt to different environments through evolutionary processes.
I obtained my bachelor's and master's degree from the mathematics programme at the University of Gothenburg, and continued with a PhD in biomathematics at the University of Sheffield.  

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