New employees

Hannes Thiel, Professor at the Division of Analysis and Probability Theory

Hannes ThielStart date: January 1, 2023

I work on algebraic aspects in functional and harmonic analysis. My main research interests are the structure and classification theory of C*-algebras and rigidity phenomena for representations of groups on Banach spaces.

I will be a Wallenberg Academy Fellow at Chalmers University of Technology.

Ziming Wang, Postdoc at the Division of Applied Mathematics and Statistics

Ziming WangStart date: December 1, 2022

My research interests are machine learning and image processing. In particular, I am interested in generative models and the underlying mathematical theories, such as the optimal transport theory. Currently, I am working on a generative model that is robust to outliers. I hope to investigate applying machine learning techniques to scientific applications in my future work.

Gianmarco Brocchi, PostDoc at the Division of Analysis and Probability Theory

Gianmarco BrocchiStart date: October 24, 2022​

I am broadly interested in Real and Harmonic Analysis. In my research I deal with questions at the interface between Complex Analysis, Operator Theory and Harmonic Analysis, such as weighted estimates for the Bergman projection. I am also interested in sharp restriction theory for the Fourier transform and weighted estimates for square function operators, which I obtained via a modern technique called sparse domination.

In Chalmers, I will be working with Andreas Rosén on matrix degenerate elliptic equations and singular integrals.

Adam Keilthy, PostDoc at the Division of Algebra and Geometry

Adam KeilthyStart date: September 5, 2022​

I am a number theorist interesting in connections between algebraic geometry, physics, and number theory. In particular, I am interesting in relations among motivic periods, such as multiple zeta values, and applications of motivic and operadic approaches in the study of quantum field theories.

In Chalmers, I will be working with Martin Raum, studying connections between Siegel modular forms and examples of motivic periods arising in connection to string amplitudes.

Malin Palö Forsström, Guest Teacher at the Division of Analysis and Probability Theory

Malin palö ForsströmStart date: September 1, 2022

My main research interests are various models within discrete probability theory. During the last few years, I have mainly been working on lattice gauge theories, which are discrete approximations of the standard model in physics.​

Robin van Haastrecht, PhD student at the Division of Analysis and Probability Theory​

Robin van HaastrechtStart date: August 22, 2022

I am mainly interested in harmonic analysis and functional analysis, and plan to start my PhD project about weighted Fourier algebras under the supervision of Lyudmyla Turowska.

I obtained my master’s degree from Radboud University in Nijmegen, the Netherlands, where I did my thesis about commutative triples, a topic in harmonic analysis.

Linnea Hietala, Guest Teacher at the Division of Analysis and Probability Theory

Linnea HietalaStart date: August 16, 2022

I received my Ph.D. in mathematics at University of Gothenburg in May 2021. After a year as a senior lecturer at Uppsala University, I am now back at the Department of Mathematical Sciences here at Chalmers and University of Gothenburg as a guest teacher.

My research is within mathematical physics, more specifically within statistical mechanics and some lattice models, called the six-vertex model, the solid-on-solid model and the three-colour model, and the connections between these models and other models. In my position as a guest teacher, most of my time is devoted to teaching.

Vincent Molin, PhD student at the Division of Applied Mathematics and Statistics​​

Vincent MolinStart date: August 15, 2022​​

My research project is focused on machine learning and Monte Carlo methods for Bayesian inverse problems. The project is supervised by Axel Ringh and is part of the WASP programme.

I obtained my master's degree in computational mathematics at Chalmers in June and have a bachelor's degree in mathematics from the University of Gothenburg.

Lorents Landgren, PhD student at the Division of Analysis and Probability Theory

Lorents LandgrenStart date: August 15, 2022​

I'm starting a project on Poissonian random fractals with the supervision of Erik Broman. My Master's thesis was about percolation on finite graphs, supervised by Jeffrey Steif.

I have an MSc in Engineering Physics from Chalmers and studied logic at the University of Gothenburg.


Martin Boström, PostDoc at the Division of Applied Mathematics and Statistics​​

Martin BoströmStart date: August 15, 2022

I am a bioinformatician with an interest in different aspects of evolution. As a doctoral student, my work centered on finding driving mutations in cancer, and I developed a tool for assessing selection signals in the distribution of mutations between patients. Now, my research focus will be bacterial infection and antibiotic resistance, where evolution also plays a central role.

Julia Jansson, PhD student at the Division of Applied Mathematics and Statistics​

Julia JanssonStart date: August 15, 2022

I have a MSc in Engineering Mathematics from Chalmers, and I spent a year abroad at ETH Zürich, mostly focusing on statistics and computer science. My PhD project is in spatial statistics supervised by Ottmar Cronie and Aila Särkkä.


Antonina Rybalko, Visiting Researcher at the Division at Applied Mathematics and Statistics.

Antonina RybalkoStart date: August 1, 2022

The area of my scientific interests is the asymptotic analysis of PDEs and its applications, in particular the homogenization theory.

My current research is related to modeling of signal propagation in nervous tissues containing a large number of bundled axons. The corresponding processes can be described by boundary value problems in domains with complicated random microstructure. Using homogenization techniques I’m going to obtain the averaged model describing overall behavior of the system, that is advantageous both for numerical simulations and analytical quantitative study.​

Styrbjörn Käll, Project Assistant at the Division of Applied Mathematics and Statistics​

Styrbjörn KällStart date: August 1, 2022​

I received my master's degree in Biotechnology with a specialisation in Machine Learning and AI from Chalmers in the spring of 2022. During the autumn, I will continue to explore what I started in my degree project where I modelled ecotoxicity from molecular structure using language models.


Patrick Meisner, Researcher at the Division of Algebra and Geometry​

Patrick MeisnerStart date: August 1, 2022

My research area is analytic number theory. Specifically, I am interested in the connection between zeroes of L-functions and eigenvalues of random matrices.

Currently, I am working on extending known results about quadratic characters to higher order characters.


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