Specialization requirements

In addition to the general requirements, at least two of the courses

and at least two of the courses

For information about including old courses previously given at the department, contact the program coordinator.

Your study plan

Before you start the studies you should contact the program coordinator Hjalmar Rosengren to set up an individual study plan.

The specialization requirements above must be fulfilled before the student can be registered for MMA910 Thesis in Mathematics for the two-year Masters Program in Mathematical Sciences.

In the table below you can see when the various required courses and some other appropriate mathematics courses are given. For more options see the complete lists of courses in Mathematics and courses in Mathematical Statistics.

Schedule for some relevant courses

Specialisation courses Other courses
Early autumn (HT1) MMA110 Integration Theory
MMA200 Representation Theory (1)
MMA330 Commutative Algebra (2)
MMA400 Applied Functional Analysis
Late autumn (HT2) MMA120 Functional Analysis
MMA310 Galois Theory (1)
MMA320 Introduction to Algebraic Geometry (2)

Early spring (VT1) MMA100 Topology
MMA210 Advanced Differential Calculus (1)
MMA130 Theory of Distributions (2)​
Algebraic Number Theory (1)
Analytic Number Theory (2)
MMG500 Algebraic structures
Late spring (VT2)
MMA430 Partial Differential Equations II
Multivariable Complex Analysis​ (1)
Spectral Theory and Operatoralgebras​ (2)

MMG511 Ordinary Differential Equations and Mathematical modelling
MMG610 Discrete mathematics (1)
Master's thesis in Mathematics (MMA910) is normally done at half speed during the second year.

(1) The course is given in academic years starting with a year with an odd number, e.g., 21-22.
(2) The course is given in academic years starting with a year with an even number, e.g., 20-21.

Note that courses with course code MMG are bachelor-level courses. ​

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