Mathematical Statistics

Specialization requirements

Knowledge corresponding to the courses

is required. Students should normally have this knowledge when starting the program. However, it is possible to include in the masters degree up to 30 higher education credits of bachelor level courses as needed. Further, in addition to the general requirements, the course

and one of the courses

is required.

Your study plan

Before you start the studies you should contact the program coordinator Hjalmar Rosengren to set up an individual study plan

Including the required courses above, courses covering at least 30 higher education credits must be selected from our department's advanced-level courses in mathematical statistics before the student can be registered for MSA910 Thesis in mathematical Statistics for the two-year Masters Program in Mathematical Sciences.

Schedule for some relevant courses

Specialisation courses Other courses
Early autumn (HT1) MSA101 Computational Methods for Bayesian Statistics
MSA350 Stochastic calculus
MMA110 Integration theory
MSG400 Stochastic Data Processing and Simulation
Late autumn (HT2) MSA150 Foundations of probability theory
MSA520 Project Course in Statistical Modelling

MSG500 Linear Statistical Models
MSG800 Basic Stochastic Processes
Early spring (VT1) MSF100 Statistical inference principles (1)
Experimental design​ (2)
MSA620 Design and analysis of clinical trials (1)
MSA650 Linear mixed models for longitudinal data (2)
MSG200 Statistical Inference
Late spring (VT2) Spatial statistics and image analysis
MSA410 Financial time series
MSA400 Financial Risk
MSA220 Statistical Learning for Big Data
MSF200 Stochastic processes (1)
MSF500 Weak Convergence (2)

Master's thesis in Mathematical statistics (MSA910) is normally done at half speed during the second year.

(1) The course is given in academic years starting with ayear with an odd number, e.g., 17-18.
(2) The course is given in academic years starting with a year with an even number, e.g., 18-19. ​​

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