Thesis project

All master degrees in Mathematical Sciences as University of Gothenburg must contain a thesis project. Below is a description of how to find a project, what the formal rules surrounding a project are, and some information about the steps which should be followed during the project. 

Finding a master thesis project

The best way to initiate a master thesis project is that the student directly contacts a potential advisor in a field the student finds interesting. It may be a good idea to start looking even before you have completed the formal requirements described below. The advisor does not have to be an employee of the University of Gothenburg, it is not unusual with external advisors. Your project must also have an examiner. This person must be on the faculty of our Mathematical Sciences institution, and cannot be the same person as the advisor. It is the examiner who in the end decides on the grade for the project.
Many teachers at Mathematical Sciences may have ideas for projects, although they have not listed these ideas at any web page. But there are also a number of web pages describing currently available projects.
There is a good page for available projects within mathematical statistics, biostatistics, or finance, maintained by Serik Sagitov.
For projects in mathematics or applied mathematics, there is an introductory page in Swedish. The page contains some links to English-language pages and documents. Unfortunately, some of the links have not been updated for a while. But they can give you an idea of who among the teachers work with subjects you are interested in.
Some of the institutions research groups in mathematics or mathematical statistics have listed on their webpages information about available master thesis projects. In particular, you can have a look at the pages for computational mathematics and for optimization.
Gothenburg Mathematical Modelling Centre may have some available projects.
As an alternative to searching for a project advisor yourself, you can contact Stefan Lemurell for help.

Formal rules regarding master thesis projects

The documents specifying the general rules can be found here, here, and here. The prerequisites for starting each of the projects are described under the pages for the different specializations.
Even though a master thesis project is described as a course, you do not need to apply for this course via the website. Course registration is instead handled by your advisor, once you have decided on a project (but make sure your advisor does the registration!). A thesis project can be started in any reading period.
Students should follow one of the thesis project courses in the list below. The course you follow corresponds to your specialization. Note that your specialization is not fixed until you are registered for one of the courses below. That registration represents your formal choice of specialization. 

Practical steps when completing a thesis project

  • It is the responsibility of your advisor to make sure there is an examiner for the project.
  • When you have found an advisor and completed the requirements for your project course, your advisor should register you for this course. A project plan must be made, and a particular form is filled out. Jeanette Montell has the form.
  • After you have been registered, you may go to the expedition and ask them to update your key card so that you get access to the Mathematical Sciences library, and access to the thesis project rooms MVF41 and MVF42. These rooms are meant to be used by master students doing their thesis projects. You will not get a fixed place, but students who are there should share the available space and computers.
  • To have a look at previous master thesis reports, you can search for them in GUP or Chalmers research.
  • Note that, unlike for Chalmers students, there is no rule about your final presentation having to be during a particular time period of the year. 
  • Both GU and Chalmers students are required to oppose another thesis and attend a certain number of thesis presentations. You should plan this well ahead in time.
  • To print your finished thesis, you may contact Jovan Pankovski. He will fix the front page and the title page, what he needs is a pdf file with the thesis, and the name of your examiner. You should also confirm in your mail to him that you would like your thesis to be electronically available via GUP, University of Gothenburg publishing database. However, as you own the copyright to your thesis, you will also be able to refuse that the thesis will be available via GUP.
  • At least one week before your final presentation, send a mail to with the time, place, and title of your presentation. A room and equipment can be booked at the expedition.
  • Note that you will receive one of the grades VG, G, or U for your thesis. 

Page manager Published: Mon 26 Jul 2021.