Courses at other departments

Students are encouraged to include courses from other institutions in their master degree, as long as they fulfil the requirements for their exam.

Computer Science and Engineering

Some recommended courses at the department of Computer Science.
DIT201 Logic in Computer Science
DIT141 Functional programming
DIT620 Databases
DIT330 Programming Paradigms
DIT390 Concurrent Programming
DIT600 Algorithms
DIT321 Finite Automata Theory and Formal Languages
List of homepages for the courses​. For more information and more options, please contact the study counsellors​.


At the Department of physics there are some programming and physics courses that may be of interest.

Master courses as Chalmers

It may be possible to include courses from the Chalmers program Engineering Mathematics and computational science, ENM year 1 or ENM year 2, or Complex Adaptive Systems, CAS year 1 or CAS year 2.

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