Courses Mathematical statistics

Listed below you will find our Bachelor and Master-level courses in Mathematical Statistics. The language of instruction will be English unless all involved are Swedish speakers.
1) The course is given in academic years starting with an odd number, e.g. 13--14
2) The course is given in academic years starting with an even number, e.g.14-15

H1 = first half of autumn, H2 = second half of autumn
V1 = first half of spring, V2 = second half of spring

H1 MSG400 Stochastic Data Processing and Simulation, 7,5 hec

H2 MSG500 Linear Statistical Models, 7,5 hec
H2 MSG800 Bacis Stochastic Processes, 7,5 hec

V1 MSG200 Statistical Inference, 7,5 hec

      MSA9YY Master thesis
      MSA450 Special Course 1
      MSA500 Special Course 2

H1 MSA101 Computational Methods for Bayesian Statistics
H1 MSA350 Stochastic Calculus

H2 MSA150 Foundations of Probability Theory
H2 MSA520 Project Course in Statistical Modelling (only a programcourse)

V1 MSA251 Experimental Design and Sampling (2)
V1 MSA680  Data science for biomedicine
V1 MSF100 Statistical Inference Principles (1)
V1 MSF600  Advanced topics in probability

V2 MSA220 Statistical Learning for Big Data
V2 MSA301 Spatial Statistics and Image Analysis​
V2 MSA400 Financial Risk 

V2 MSA410 Financial Time Series
V2 MSF200 Stochastic Processes (1)
V2 MSF500 Weak Convergence (2)


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