Engineering mathematics and computational science

This is an international master's programme with specialisations in mathematics, mathematical statistics, computational science and research in these areas. Below are links to information about the courses offered by the Mathematical Sciences that are mandatory or optional within the programme. 


Courses offered every other year are marked by:


(1) The course is offered during academic years that start in odd-numbered years, eg 21-22
(2) The course is offered during academic years that start in even-numbered years, for example 22-23



Study period 1
​Mathematics ​ ​
TMA401 ENM1, Functional analysis
​TMA947 ​ENM1, Nonlinear optimisation
​TMA265 ​ENM2, Numerical linear algebra
​TMA881 ​ENM1,2, High performance computing
​TMV100 ​ENM2, Integration theory
​Mathematical statistics ​ ​
TMS150 ENM1, Stochastic data processing
​MVE187 ENM1,2,​ Computational methods for Bayesian statistics
​TMS165 ​ENM1,2, Stochastic calculus 1

Study period 2
​Mathematics ​ ​
MVE095 ​ENM1, Options and mathematics
​MVE080 ENM1, Scientific visualization
​MVE385 ​ENM2, Project course in mathematical and statistical modelling
TMA521 ​ENM1, Large scale optimisation
​Mathematical statistics ​ ​
MVE140​ ​ENM1,2, Foundations of probability theory
​MVE170 ENM1, Basic stochastic processes
​MVE190 ENM1, Linear statistical models
​MVE510 ​ENM1,2, Introduction to bioinformatics

Study period 3
​Mathematics ​ ​
TMA372​ ENM1, Partial differential, first course
MVE150 ENM2, Algebra
​MVE565 ENM1,​​ Computational methods for stochastic differential equations (1)
TMA285 ENM2,​​ Financial derivatives and partial differential equations
​Mathematical statistics ​ ​
MVE155 ENM1, Statistical inference
​MVE326 ENM2,​ Statistical inference principles (1)
TMS032 ​ENM2, Experimental design and sampling (2)
Study period 4
​Mathematics ​ ​
​MVE162 ENM1, Ordinary differential equation and mathematical modelling
​MVE165 ENM1, Linear and integer optimisation with applications
​TMA026 ENM2, Partial differential equation, second course
​Mathematical statistics ​ ​
TMS016​ ENM1, Spatial statistics and image analysis
​TMS088 ENM1, Financial time series
​MVE220 ENM1,​ Financial risk
MVE330 ENM2, Stochastic processes (1)
​MVE410 ​ENM1,2 Weak convergence (2)
​MVE441 ​ENM2, Statistical learning for big data

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