Master's Studies in Mathematical Sciences at Chalmers

Engineering Mathematics and Computational Science

The aim of this master programme is to give the students a solid background in mathematics and/or mathematical statistics as well as in scientific computing and computational science. The students will be trained to solve the demanding, mathematically formulated, problems raised in science and industry. On the completion of the programme the candidates are able to meet the increasing demand of mastering not only a certain engineering field and corresponding mathematical or statistical modeling but also to a certain extent computation/programming and algorithm development. The programme has four specializations; Mathematics, Mathematical Statistics, Computational Science and Research track, where the research track is intended to be preparatory for future possible PhD students. However, within the rich supply of courses the student can design an own specialization as well.

Learning and leadership

This master is designed to work like a combo education leading to both an engineering degree and a teacher's degree for high school in mathematics and one of the disciplines of chemistry, physics or engineering. The goal of the program is to educate students to become attractive in the business world as an engineer more focused on communication and leadership, and in the education system as a teacher with an excellent knowledge of engineering and applications.

Published: Wed 27 Feb 2019.