Nonsmooth Inference, Analysis and Dependence

​This workshop unites people working on nonsmooth inference, e.g. regression and density estimation, on methods in analysis, e.g. rearrangements, and on different forms of statistical dependence, e.g. weak dependence and long range dependence.

The workshop is organized by the Stochastic Centre at Gothenburg. It will start Monday June 9 at 10h, and will finish Friday June 13 around 15h.

Each participant is invited to give a talk (around 40-50 mns length). There will in addition be given longer introductory lectures on the following topics:

1. Nonsmooth inference (by Jon Wellner).
2. A dynamical approach to some problems in the calculus of variations (by Michael Loss).
3. Some measures of dependence: examples, properties and applications. (by Jerome Dedecker).
4. Long range dependence (by Philippe Soulier).

We hope to have an informal meeting with plenty of time for discussions. Blackboard use is encouraged, but all electronical facilities are also available.

Rooms are reserved for all invited participants at the workshop venue at Nya Varvet, and are booked for arrivals starting Friday June 6, and departures ending Monday June 16. 

The workshop is organized by Dragi Anevski and Anne-Laure Fougeres. For more information please contact Dragi Anevski (

List of participants:

-Belkacem Abdous (Quebec),
-Dragi Anevski (Gothenburg),
-Melanie Birke (Bochum),
-Christer Borell (Gothenburg),
-Eric Carlen (Georgia Tech, Atlanta),
-Maria da Conceicao Carvalho (Georgia Tech, Atlanta and Lisbon),
-Eric Cator (Delft),
-Victor Chernozhukov (MIT),
-Youri Davydov (Lille),
-Jerome Dedecker (Paris 6),
-Lutz Duembgen (Bern),
-Cecile Durot (Paris-Sud),
-Ivan Fernandez-Val (Boston),
-Anne-Laure Fougeres (Paris 10),
-Alfred Galichon (Paris),
-Piet Groeneboom (Delft),
-Geurt Jongbloed (Delft),
-Rik Lopuhaa (Delft),
-Michael Loss (Georgia Tech, Atlanta),
-Florence Merlevede (Paris 6),
-Wolfgang Polonik (Davis),
-Clementine Prieur (Toulouse),
-Philippe Soulier (Paris 10),
-Stanislav Volgushev (Bochum),
-Jon Wellner (Seattle)

Published: Fri 24 Aug 2012.