Spatiotemporal stochastic models with environmental and marine applications


  • Series Decomposition of Fractional Brownian Motion, Anastassia Baxevani, Krzysztof Podgorski
  • Non-Gaussian Second Order Fields, Sofia Åberg, Krzysztof Podgorski
  • Stochastic Shallow Water Model, Krzysztof Podgorski, Jorg Wegener
  • Envelope Fields, Krzysztof Podgorski, Igor Rychlik
  • Estimation of 100 years significant wave using satellite data, Clive Anderson, Igor Rychlik and Jesper Rydén
  • Estimation of risks for capsizing, Ross Leadbetter, Igor Rychlik and Sofia Åberg



  • Stochastic models of sea waves for safety of offshore operations (2007)- Igor Rychlik
  • Hidden Markov Models for wind time series (2007)- Pierre Ailliot and Valérie Monbet
  • Distribution of Slope in Lagrangian Seas (2007)- Sofia Åberg
  • Spatio-Temporal Modelling of Significant Wave Height (2007)- Anastassia Baxevani
  • Some space-time models for tree growth (2007)- Aila Särkkä

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