Recent activities and publications

Years 2006-2007. A collection of essays. The different approaches for reliability assessment represented by the groups in the project have been discussed to be merged into a common framework. The result of this discussion will be a number of essays collected in a book to be published 2008. See "Exploring unreliability and its countermeasures" for its preliminary contents.

Nov 2006. A two day course on "Failure mode avoidance" was organized together with the Swedish fatigue network (UTMIS). Bo Bergman from Chalmers and Tim Davis from Ford Motor Company lectured. More than half of the seventy participants came from industry.

May 2007. Conference. Participation at the international conference Q-mod in Helsingborg, Sweden, Pär Johannessson presented the paper " Probabilistic Variation Mode and Effect Analysis: A Case Study of an Air Engine Component ". Martin Arvidsson presented the paper “An operationalization of robust design methodology “.




June 2007. A workshop was arranged together with ENBIS (European Network for Business and Industrial Statistics) in Glasgow. Two research groups presented their reliability work in different industrial applications and prepared discussions of each others work for the workshop. The two groups were the GMMC reliability group represented by Thomas Svensson and Åke Lönnqvist and an Italian group represented by Massimiliano Giorgio and Fabrizio Ruggeri. See abstracts here.

Sept. 2007. Publication. The paper Bo Bergman, "Conceptualistic Pragmatism A framework for Bayesian Analysis" has been accepted for publication in IIE Transactions.

Sept. 2007. Publication. The following paper was accepted for publication in the journal Measurement: Thomas Svensson, Jacques de Maré, "On the choice of differential quotients for evaluating prediction intervals."

2007. Publication. Three articles were accepted for publication in the "Encyclopedia of Statistics in Quality and Reliability": Bergman, B & Klefsjö, B, "Total Time on Test Plots", Arvidsson, M. & Bergman, B, "The Bergman-Hynén Method for Dispersion Effects Identification", and Bergman, B, "Stationary Replacement Strategies".


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