Mathematical models for metabolism and signalling pathways

These projects concern mathematical models of different biological systems, and in particular of the central metabolism of yeast and other simple organisms, of signalling pathways, and of the lipid metabolism and transport in blood. While there are obviously very large differences between the objects that are studied, and between the experimental techniques in the different cases, the mathematical tools are very similar. The mathematical models are ordinary or partial differential equations and models for experimental errors. The objectives of the work are e.g. to estimate unknown model parameters from experiments and to predict the behaviour of the organisms that results form a change in parameters.

The principal collaborators are:
Carl-Johan Franzén, Chemical Reaction Engineering, Chalmers
Stephan Hohmann, Department of Cell and Molecular Biology, University of Göteborg
Jan Borén, Division for Metabolism and Cardiovascular Research, Sahlgrenska University Hospital

Page manager Published: Mon 05 Oct 2020.