Strategic relevance

Often development in modern industry is faster than in academia. On the other hand, in the rush to keep up with the competition, industry and society often fail to learn and use new and essential methods from basic sciences. It is a major challenge to develop faster and more efficient channels for communication across the bridge between university and industry.

To meet the challenge we believe on has to work on many joint industry-society-university projects. One also has to develop structured and efficient ways for new results from frontline research to reach industry, and to create much more awareness and concentration on problems from industry and society in basic university research. Our vision in this regard is to make this happen in our field, the mathematical sciences, at home directly by the work we do, and for all of Sweden by the example we set.

For industry the long term benefit will be a much better exploitation of methods which are crucial for survival in the intense competition of the future. The benefit for society includes better access to safer and fairer ways of operating. For the industrial research institutes it will be an experiment with a new way of working, which if successful can help them meet the very different requirements of the future. For the universities to fulfil their mission in the future, they must become much better at adapting to the rapidly changing needs of society. In our field, the project will contribute to this change, at all levels from undergraduate teaching to basic research.

Page manager Published: Fri 11 Aug 2017.