Driving simulator

The driving simulator on the machine program is a modern and advanced system in line with what research centers and car manufacturers use, but it is entirely dedicated to you as a student at Chalmers.
The simulator offers movement in six degrees of freedom, thus rebuilding both the car's motion in the virtual world, but also simulated chassis movements. It supports two different mathematical models that you can then set to match any vehicle. One model is easier where you as a student only need to think about which parameter values ​​are used while the other is a completely open Simulink model, where you as a student are completely free to modify even underlying equations.
This is accompanied by a graphics engine that offers the development of both lanes and cars, which enhances the experience and flexibility to a higher level.
To maximize student availability, the student association Caster will offer courses on how to use the system, but also act as a skills nod for further development in various projects. Here students can either test drive or participate in the development of the simulator.​


Published: Wed 03 Feb 2016. Modified: Fri 15 Sep 2017