Chalmers Wind Tunnels

The general wind tunnel

The tunnel is used in both undergraduate and research activities. It is equipped with balances for force measurements on immersed bodies, as well as detailed flow field studies using hot wire anemometry, optical measurement techniques and advanced pressure measurements. In 2008 Chalmers Aerodynamic Wind Tunnel re-entered the Subsonic Aerodynamic Testing Association (SATA). Presently the tunnel is being used both for basic and applies research. Fundamental research includes transition studies, boundary layer investigations and wake flows. The applied research is focused on road vehicle aerodynamics where decreased aerodynamic drag is the main focus in order to reduce the fuel consumption and consequently CO2-emissions. Read more about Chalmers' wind tunnel.

Linear cascade rig

The subsonic linear cascade rig at Chalmers has been designed as part of a long term research project aimed at studies of both basic and applied problems in the turbo machine area. The rig was constructed in 2004 and has been used to validate numerical methods to compute flow fields (CFD), and to improve on our knowledge of the flow fields around the outlet guide vanes in jet engines. The focus in the research is on improved efficiency in gas turbines which will lead to reduced fuel consumption and reduced exhaust of greenhouse gases. Read more about Linear cascade rig.

Annular cascade rig

The focus of the research carried out using this rig is on increased efficiency in gas turbines and the associated gains made in reduced fuel consumption and the greenhouse effect. The rig is an axisymmetric semi-open wind tunnel aimed for studies of flow fields and heat transfer in those parts of a jet engine that follow behind the first turbine stage. The most interesting property of the annular rig is that it includes a rotor stage that make the creation of realistic inlet conditions for the downstream parts possible. Read more about Annular cascade rig.​
Contact for wind tunnel
Lars Davidson
Phone: +46 (0) 31 - 772 14 04

Contact for cascade wind tunnels
Valery Chernoray
Phone: +46 (0) 31 - 772 50 30

Published: Thu 17 Oct 2013. Modified: Thu 29 Jun 2017