Safety Evaluation

The Safety Evaluation group aims to understand how traffic safety is affected by driver behaviour, vehicles (including intelligent systems/vehicle automation), and the environment (e.g., other road-users) in the pre-crash phase. Both traditional epidemiological methods, and computer (counterfactual) simulations, are used to estimate how traffic safety is affected by these components – separately and in combination. The focus is on understanding crash risk, but also the severity of the outcome is studied. 

Research into crash causation is key to evaluating safety in the most relevant scenarios, and to develop quantitative models of driver behaviour needed for counterfactual simulations. Also, quantifying drivers’ choices in everyday driving is also an important, targeting quantification of exposure. These topics are also parts of the research by the Safety Evaluation group, to facilitate safety evaluation.

The results of the research are aimed to be used by both industry (vehicle/system design), and governments (setting guidelines/legislation). 


Page manager Published: Mon 15 Mar 2021.