Road Safety Data

The emphasis in this group is on the collection, management and analysis of real-world data from the road transport system. Road Safety Data includes information about the road users, the vehicles and the traffic environment. The data is a base for research aiming to improve road safety.


Supports other research groups

The group acts as an expert and support function of real-world data for the research performed by the research groups under the Division of Vehicle Safety. Methodology development for accident investigations is an important activity within the group. The group has strong collaboration with national and international organisations and participate in several national and European research projects.


Data collection, management and analysis

Data collection ranges from retrieving data in real time during normal driving (Naturalistic Driving Studies) and for evaluating active safety systems (Field Operational Tests), to investigation of road accidents. Data management includes system development and storage of collected data. It also includes expertise in national and international databases in terms of access, usability and quality for research questions. Data analysis is undertaken in close cooperation with the research groups within the Division of Vehicle Safety.

Published: Tue 03 Dec 2013. Modified: Tue 12 Sep 2017