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Vehicle Dynamics


The Vehicle Dynamics group works with fundamental analysis of road vehicle motion and conceptual design of related sub-systems. In many cases this includes mechatronics. Our research and education are motivated by safety, transport efficiency and driving experience. The group uses and develops purpose driven methods and tools for modelling, simulation and testing.


  • The Vehicle Dynamics Group to be internationally recognized
  • Graduated MSc, PhD and Docents to be attractive for employment
  • The research result to be utilized in product development

Our reasearch projects

Our courses
FTME030 Tire and Vehicle Dynamics
MMF062 Vehicle Dynamics
TME102 Vehicle Dynamics, advanced

Head of Research Group
Bengt Jacobson
+46 31 772 13 83


Mathias Lidberg
+46 31 772 15 35

Published: Tue 03 Dec 2013. Modified: Thu 11 Jan 2018