Maritime Studies

​Our division consists of a total of three units. Maritime Operations and Management is the division's education unit. Maritime Environmental Sciences and Maritime Human Factors are the divisions two research units. Maritime Operations and Management focuses on teaching in maritime sciences, including cargo management, nautical navigation, mechanical engineering, safety and logistics, etc. Maritime Environmental Sciences is a research group that operates in the field of environmental impacts from shipping. The research focuses on emissions to air and water, future marine fuels, hull growth and waste emissions. The unit for Maritime Human Factors aims to research within essentially three areas: supportive design, applied safety, and operator performance.

Research Projects​

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If you have questions about the division or looking for a cooperation with one of our employees, please contact the Head of Division Fredrik Olindersson.

If you have any questions regarding the units, please contact Kent Salo​ (Unit for Maritime Environmental Sciences) or Fredrik Forsman (Unit for Maritime Human Factors)

Published: Mon 11 Sep 2017. Modified: Tue 18 Sep 2018