Maritime Studies

The division for Maritime Studies is engaged in research and education connected to shipping and other maritime sectors. We educate the seafarers of tomorrow, focusing on developing a sustainable shipping industry. Our division consists of a total of three units: 

Maritime Operations and Management focuses on teaching in maritime sciences, including cargo management, nautical navigation, mechanical engineering, safety, law and logistics. 

The unit for Maritime Human Factors aims to perform research within areas such as, user centered design to support transition to “Smart shipping”. The increase in digitalization within the shipping industry demands research, not only within the complex socio-technical system but also within areas of education and training of future operators, managing Big Data, development of decision support systems, providing input to the development of regulatory support together with safe and efficient operational procedures. 

Maritime Environmental Sciences works with different aspects of environmental impact from shipping. The result from this research often servs as decision support for maritime stakeholders. The research is interdisciplinary within areas such as future marine fuels, energy efficiency, emissions to air and water focusing on impact assessment and abatement of emissions from marine scrubbers, antifouling systems and oil spill from shipwrecks.

Research Projects
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If you have questions about the division or looking for a cooperation with one of our employees, please contact the Head of Division Fredrik Olindersson.

If you have any questions regarding the units, please contact Kent Salo​ (Unit for Maritime Environmental Sciences) or Monica Lundh ​(Unit for Maritime Human Factors)

Published: Mon 11 Sep 2017. Modified: Mon 06 May 2019