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Fluid Dynamics

​Our mission is to gain fundamental knowledge about turbulent incompressible and compressible flows throughnumerical and experimental research, and develop new and improved computational and experimental techniques for the study of such flows in bothfundamental and real-world environments. We also aim to assist industrial researchers and engineers in confronting problems involving turbulent and compressible phenomena.

The research at the Division covers turbulent flow (both compressible and incompressible), aero-acoustics and turbomachines. Our tools include both computations and experiments. The research covers a wide range of topics. In some research projects, the smallest turbulent scales are studied whereas in others the function of a complete gas turbine is analyzed and modelled.

Our applied research is carried out in close cooperation with industry, both in national projects and in EU projects. Vehicles (cars, trucks, busses and trains), aeroplanes, gas turbines, water and wind turbines are important applications. The Division of Fluid Dynamics is part of Chalmers Sustainable Transport Initiative, Chalmers eScience Initiative and Chalmers Energy Initiative.

A large part of our teaching activity is carried out within our International Master Program in Applied Mechanics. In this program, we offer courses covering a wide range of courses, including turbulence modelling, experimental fluid dynamics, CFD, heat transfer, turbomachinery and gas turbine technology.


Fluid Dynamics has on its own and together with other divisions at the Department of Mechanics and Maritime Sciences organized a series of workshops where we presented our research, among other things. In the presentations below, you can read more about the research at Fluid Dynamics.

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If you have questions about the division or looking for a cooperation with one of our employees, please contact the Head of Division Lars Davidson.

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