Prototype Laboratory

Prototype Laboratory

Geometry, the strength of materials principles and material computations – they’re all just as essential. But the knowledge based on practical applications is also essential when you leave the university to enter the “real world”.

Get ready for some action!  

On the shop floor, you must be able to talk the same language as your co-workers and there are times when you have to pitch in yourself to help out your team. An engineer who is technical in the everyday meaning of the term can save a lot of time and money. 

Wood and metal under one and the same roof 

The Prototype Laboratory is a living environment. The machinery whines, hiss and hammer while teams of loud voices decide on the next step of a process. During one and the same session, you slice that key wooden detail thin as a leaf, while your teammate polishes the gorgeous chrome details of your prototype model completely glossy. Even if you can’t expect a decent grade, you can try to weld it all together by means of a MIG welder. All the equipment you need is available in the 400 m2 lab at Hörsalsvägen 7B. 

Several alternatives if you want to end up here 

Students from such areas as Mechanical Engineering, Automation & Mechatronics, Applied Design and their corresponding Master’s programmes get some of their education in our Prototype Lab. Here, the courses are named “Integrated Construction and Manufacturing” and they all have in common that you learn how to transform your bright product concept into something you can see, test and feel.

Page manager Published: Wed 10 Oct 2018.