Course Laboratory

There are times when it becomes valuable to be able to apply what you've been studying in that textbook of yours. Feeling those materials that possess such unique strength properties and using those tools that are supposed to be so precise. At times, your teacher may decide that it’s time for a lab session; another time when you’re nearing the completion of your education, it’s up to you to decide if you should finish your project or thesis work in an experimental environment. 

All sorts of equipment 

That’s why the Course Laboratory located at Hörsalsvägen 7 B exists filled with 400 m2 of workbenches, complete chisel sets and fume cupboards. And then we haven’t even mentioned the Microscope Room, adjacent conference rooms and wireless computer network yet. 

No ordinary classroom 

Expect the opposite of a silent hall of examinations. In our Course Lab, you will hear several languages either spoken, argued or at times shouted—by team members participating in our international Master’s programmes who, together with our inquisitive first-year students, create an alive learning environment.

Page manager Published: Wed 10 Oct 2018.