At Chalmers there are several centers that gather competence within Chalmers, often in collaboration with other institutions and/or business.

Centres established at Chalmers

CERC is a university-industrial partnership performing engine research on reduced fuel consumption (lower CO2 production) and exhaust emissions. We focus on new direct-injected engine combustion concepts and renewable fuels. CERC performs applied and basic experiments, develops models, and experimentally validates models.

CHARMEC is a National Centre of Excellence in railway rechanics with 12 partners from industry and public sector. The research sets out from the interaction between train and track and resulting phenomena (noise, material deterioration, brake phenomena etc), which cause over half of the maintenance costs of track and freight vehicles.

Lighthouse is a national competence centre for maritime research and innovation. It's based on a triple helix collaboration between academy, industry and government. The purpose is to be a driver for reaching the maritime zero vision, which envisages zero accidents and zero noxious emissions.
SAFER is a centre of excellence for vehicle and traffic safety which conducts collaborative, interdisciplinary research and innovation to eliminate fatalities and serious injuries in traffic. Chalmers is the host for the center, which has 34 partners from academia, industry and society. 

Wind power is a rapidly growing global market and the purpose of the Swedish Wind Power Technology Centre (SWPTC) is to strengthen the Swedish competence within the field. The wind power research centre will focus on developing knowledge of the construction of wind turbines and of optimizing maintenance and production costs. The goal is to be able to build both partial and complete wind power systems in Sweden. The objective of the Centre is also to supply the Swedish industry with in-depth know-how within the field of wind power. By integrating education, research and innovation, we hope to contribute with competence, new knowledge and a transposition of today´s industries

Other centres and important collaboration platforms

Kongsberg UTC - research on propulsion of ships
Competence center founded by  Rolls-Royce Marine in 2002 and continued with cooperation with and funding from Kongsberg Maritime when Rolls-Royce sold their maritime business . The purpose is to study the flow and design of marine propulsion systems such as propellers or water jet. A large part of the research involves developing and evaluating calculation tools to simulate this flow.​

SVC – Swedish Hydropower Centre
SVC addresses interdisciplinary research questions of specific relevance for hydropower, within hydropower technology and its interaction with the electric grid, civil and hydraulic engineering, as well as environment and society. The centre is coordinated by Luleå University of Technology, and also involves Chalmers, Uppsala University, Royal Institute of Technology, Umeå University, Lund University and Karlstad University, as well as 97% of hydropower related industry.

Collaborators in the simulator center and on the training platforms

Our simulator center has been built using the Swedish Maritime Administration and Swedish Redare Association. Our simulators come from Transas and Kongsberg companies. Our courses are conducted in cooperation with the port of Maritim and Gothenburg, which lends its facilities to our students. At Maritim, students can practice in the ship's engine room. Our exercises in fire extinguishing take place elsewhere.

Partnerships for internship

We collaborate with a large number of companies and shipowners who offer training for our students aboard ships or companies.
The Maritime Section is an association of Chalmers Student Union members who are enrolled in any of the maritime programs. The section has the task of promoting cohesion between its members and utilizing their common interests in education, study social and labor market issues. The Maritime Section works actively with institutions, teachers and program managers to ensure that students are comfortable and that the education will maintain high quality. In all forums involving the students, directly or indirectly, the Maritime Section has representatives who spread the student voice to the management.

We also have a collaboration with the following actors

The institution cooperates with other institutions, centers, companies and organizations located at Lindholmen. Through them, meeting places are created for students and companies. We organize exhibitions, lectures and events in, among other things, the building Kuggen.

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