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Collaboration in research and development

​There are several ways to collaborate on research and development. Some examples are through our research centres and in research projects, through commissioned research, adjunct professors, industrial doctoral students and through infrastructures and laboratories. We have about 20 adjunct professors and 30 industrial doctoral students who work part of their time at Chalmers. We have also lent about 15 of our researchers who work part of their time in the industry. 

Take advantage of our large networks 

A large part of our research has a strong international connection and many projects take place in direct collaboration with groups at universities abroad. Many of the department's research projects are conducted in collaboration with other higher education institutions and/or public and private actors. Networks that you as a collaboration partner can benefit from.
Feel free to contact one of our division heads or Vice Head of department for utilisation Sinisa Krajnovic​ for more information.​

Page manager Published: Mon 11 Apr 2022.