Sustainable and Virtual Production

The research group Sustainable Production/Virtual Production Systems utilizes virtual tools to analyze and increase performance in production system contexts. The research within the group aims at applied science by developing methods and tools which utilizes discrete event simulation, 3D Visualization, scanning, augmented reality, data analysis, layout planning etc. to analyze and evaluate economics, environmental impacts, social interactions and situation awareness in a production system context. 

The production systems in specific ranges over many stages of a product lifecycle such as raw material extraction, transportation, manufacturing, use phase, service, recycling, end of life treatment etc. The production system could also be in different industrial settings such as automotive, food production, system providers, robotics, discrete parts manufacturing, chemical processes, recycling, aerospace industry etc.

Research projects

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Members of the group

Björn Johansson, Leader of the research group. Focus on sustainability aspects using virtual tools to analyze and improve production systems for industries.
Malin Tarrar, PhD Student. Focus on providing industrial and workshop operators with the right information and decision support tools.
Maja Bärring, PhD student. Focus on connected factories .
Daniel Nåfors, PhD student. Focuses on how to efficiently handle upcoming challenges for production systems
Arpita Chari, PhD student
Liang Gong, PhD student
Clarissa González, PhD student
Xiao Chen, PhD student
Mélanie Despeisse, Assistant Professor, Assistant Professor

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