Geometry Assurance & Robust Design

The research group Geometry Assurance & Robust Design focus on the whole product realization process, from concept to production. The core competence in this group is within assembly modelling and analysis, robust locating system design, variation simulation, visualization, tolerance optimization, inspection preparation and use of inspection data for product and process control. A number of scientific results have been transferred into commercial software functionality, today used in daily operation by a large number of engineers in international companies. The research group is led by Professor Rikard Söderberg and includes at present 6 additional senior researchers and 9 PhD students. The main scientific challenges within geometry assurance and robust design are found within three fields:
  1. Accuracy in simulation and visualization results: Decisions, based on digital models, require better simulation models with higher accuracy and better representation of reality, better quality in input data and better ways to present and use results.
  2. New product and process knowledge: Consistent use of simulation in different stages of the geometry assurance loop generates new knowledge and better understanding of specific product and production system behaviour, interaction and error propagation and perception and interpretation of digital models and visual quality.
  3. Design rules and working procedures: New knowledge of specific system behaviour, perception and visual quality are used to establish rules and decision support for robust geometry design and working procedures for use of simulation and visualization.

Rikard Söderberg

Kristina Wärmefjord
Lars Lindkvist
Alf Andersson
Johan Carlson
Cristoffer Cromvik
Andreas Dagman
Fredrik Edelvik
Stefan Gustafsson
Johan Lööf
​Kostas Stylidis
Sebastian Tafuri
Johan Vallhagen
Casper Wickman

PhD Students:
Mohsen Bayani
Soner Camuz
Peter Edholm
Anders Forslund
Cornelia Jareteg
Björn Lindau
Julia Madrid
Julia Orlovska
Vaishak Ramesh Sagar
Abolfazl Rezaei Aderiani
Mikael Rosenqvist
Roham Sadeghi Tabar

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