Manufacturing Technology

​Manufacturing technology entails more than producing advanced components. It also includes using new materials, processes, cutting tools and machines to make components that are better and cheaper.
The Manufacturing Technology research group advances manufacturing primarily through fundamental research, as well as in close partnership with industry. We focus on modelling, optimisation and innovation of manufacturing processes.
Our goals
•    Advance and develop machining operations for new high-performing materials.
•    Become a  nation´s leading research group in the area of grinding technology.
•    Engage in interdisciplinary research with materials science, surface and microstructure engineering, and applied mechanics
•    Develop and implement undergraduate and graduate courses related to manufacturing technology.
•    Organise international competence networks in manufacturing technology.
•    Manage the Chalmers Metal Cutting Research and Development Centre (MCR) – a nationally-recognised industry-academia partnership.
Current research activities include:
•    Modelling, simulation and optimisation of machining (metal cutting) operations.
•    Machining of new materials and investigation of material responses.
•    Advancement of grinding technologies and machining with abrasives.
•    Development of cooling-lubrication techniques and management of metalworking-fluids.
•    Facilitation of the transition to sustainable manufacturing.
Manufacturing remains a vital driver of innovation and competitiveness, making outsized contributions to research and development, productivity growth and sustainable development. Manufacturers need to make components better, faster and at a lower cost. Manufacturing technologies have unmatched capabilities in achieving these in a variety of industrial sectors – automotive, bearing, tooling, steel, etc.
Peter Krajnik, Professor, Research Group Leader
Amir Malakizadi, PhD, post-doc
Gustav Holmqvist, Lecturer
Hans-Börje Oskarson, MCR Senior Advisor

Ibrahim Sadik, Adjunct Professor (Sandvik Coromant)
Danfang Chen, Associate Professor (Volvo Group)
Bengt-Göran Rosén, Visiting Professor (Halmstad University)
Radovan Drazumeric, Visiting Researcher (Int. Grinding Inst.)

Simon Isakson, PhD student
Nastja Macerol, Industrial PhD student (Element Six)
Mohammadali Kadivar, PhD student (Furtwangen University)

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