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Our Auger nanoprobe is unique in Sweden with capabilities of surface chemical analysis of features less than 20 nm in size. ​​

Laboratories and Facilities

The department's laboratories and research facilities are of a high international class. In addition, we have access to national and international facilities through multidisciplinary collaborations and networks in academia as well as industry. Our research is mainly conducted in laboratories and premises at Campus Johanneberg, but the department is also represented on the Campus Lindholmen with a laboratory.

Rock Processing Lab

Many mining companies are interested in solutions that improve their processes. In the Rock Processing Lab there is the possibility of decomposing ore to different shapes and sizes. In addition, opportunities are given to investigate the energy utilization of the crushing process.

Usability Lab

The Usability Lab provides opportunities for systematic studies of the interaction between human and computer interfaces. The research mainly concern different issues regarding HMI - or human-machine interaction - and the design of user interfaces.

Chalmers Composites Laboratory

The lab is equiped for the manufacture and characterization of multifunctional composites, especially structural batteries and the lab will be used both in education and research. Students in Chalmers Formula Student will be especially active in the lab.

Manufacturing and processing of fiber reinforced polymer composites are some of the main areas. The business focuses on carbon fiber reinforced thermoplastic composites, which are manufactured using injection technology or molding. There are also equipment for the manufacture and characterization of multifunctional composites, especially structural batteries

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Innovation Laboratories

The academy and industry need to be able to meet in a creative atmosphere in a neutral arena to foster innovation. The department, together with Chalmers Production Area of Advance, hosts an entirely unique environment that meets this, four integrated national innovation laboratories:

  • Virtual Development Laboratory ( Campus Johanneberg) 
    The lab includes the latest visualization techniques, in an inviting and creative environment. Tomorrow's industries need to use more virtual evaluations in their development of new product or manufacturing concepts to become more sustainable and competitive in a global market. This laboratory supports that change.

  • Production System Laboratory (Campus Johanneberg) 
    This is a venue for research on the next generation of workplaces. The challenge is to create intelligent production systems that support Swedish industry with flexible and competitive solutions. The lab includes several industrial robots as well as advanced infrastructure for communication as support for the mobile operator as well as facilities for the development of integrated and ergonomic workplaces.

  • Materials Processing Laboratory (Campus Johanneberg) 
    This lab is designed to meet future needs of advanced research in manufacturing with special focus on facilities for metal cutting, polymer processing and powder metallurgical processing.

  • Stena Industry Innovation Lab (Campus Lindholmen) 
    This is a test and demonstration facility for next generation smart plants. It offers fast communication systems, open robot environments and augmented reality mounting. Here the engineers of the future will be trained and the lab also offers opportunities for industry to test new technical possibilities in practical test beds.

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