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Students in the Master's program Product Development, in collaboration with industrial partners, have been working on various projects in product development during a six-month period. These projects were presented in the Virtual Development Laboratory at the Department of Industrial and Materials Sciences. In connection with the presentations, an exhibition was organized where people could mingle and ask questions.
Master's Program Product Development

A total of ten projects were presented during the day. All of which have links to companies that have been part of the financing. One of the projects was done at Volvo Cars and is related to semi-autonomous driving. That is, you should be able to drive the car yourself and then also have the option to make the vehicle self-driving. The students explains that what has been developed is a steering wheel that moves inwardly in the self-driving mode, thus creating more space in the passenger compartment. On the wheel itself, they have also developed a concept with a display that can be used for watching movies, video conferencing and other activities. A positive effect is that you can take advantage of the commuting time in the car for more purposes other than the driving itself.
     Lakshmi Salelkar, working in a project at GKN Aerospace, explains how their product helps the aviation industry to become even safer. They have developed a concept for advanced cleaning of pipes in gas turbines using ultrasound. "It has been great fun to work with this project! We have had a great GKN supervisor who has been in contact with us regularly to support and motivate our team."


Each project has had five to six students working together. Markus Nilsson, who has been a part of the Drop Arm project with the company Gunnebo, shares his experiences on teamwork: "We all have different strengths and we all found our different roles in the project very quickly. I for an example have had a more coordinating role and making everyone feel involved. Then in prototyping, everyone contributes with whatever they can." Kathryn Bleakley, who participates in an Erasmus exchange with Queen's University in Belfast, has been mostly involved in the design parts of the project, but she also emphasizes that it is a joint effort. Kathryn thinks that the time at Chalmers has been fantastic.
    Erik Hulthén​, coordinator of the Product Development Master Program, says that students themselves have chosen which project to participate in. The composition of the teams has then been based on the students' background and competence. "I think this is one of the reasons why the results are so good. It's really impressive to see what our students can achieve in such a short timespan as half a year! Here we can see examples of the future, such as the Volvo project on the steering wheel for autonomous driving, and the students who designed a self-navigating pick-up truck in the Helge Nyberggruppen project. "

All projects

•    GKN - Oil Coke Prevention in Tubes for Gas Turbines
•    Gunnebo - Drop Arm
•    Modul-System - Ladder Holder for Commercial Vehicles
•    Thule and INXIDE - Light Weight Multi-Functional Stroller
•    ASKO - Spraying Concept
•    ASKO - Cutlery Basket 2.0

•    ASSA ABLOY - Entrance Activator without Wire Routing and Battery Change
•    Helge Nyberg AB - Order Picking Trolley with Follow Me Function
•    NEVS - The Light Weight Car Door for the Future
•    Volvo Cars - Use of Steering Wheel in Autonomous Drive Situations

Published: Tue 27 Jun 2017. Modified: Tue 24 Oct 2017