Lars Nyborg
​Image: Marcus Folino

Lars Nyborg elected EPMA fellow at EuroPM 2021

The European Powder Metallurgy Association fellowship is awarded to powder metallurgy scientists in Europe in recognition of their significant contribution to PM industry development.
"I am very honored to receive the EPMA Fellowship Award. ​Powder metallurgy has been part of my research career since my PhD studies, says Lars Nyborg."

Excerpt from the jury's motivation

"A great part of Professor Lars Nyborg's work has been focusing on analyses and modelling of surface chemical reactions from powder fabrication and consolidation. This approach has been implied in different fields of powder metallurgy and in recent years also in additive manufacturing."

The  EPMA Fellowship Award was given at the EuroPM 2021 conference.

Page manager Published: Mon 25 Oct 2021.