Investors believe in Chalmers startup Yolean

​Yolean is a startup company from Chalmers that develops software tools for visual planning and control of complex projects. Every mistake in the synchronization within a development or construction project risks delays and large cost increases. Yolean has shown that it is possible to shorten lead times from 6 to 2 months in advanced building constructions.
Yuncture Invest, Almi Invest and Chalmers venture choose to invest SEK 4.6 million in Yolean's operations. Investors express high hopes for Yolean's business model.
– Yolean addresses a clear customer problem and offers a clear customer value, especially in the construction industry. Therefore, we believe that they have good opportunities to succeed in a large, international market, says Björn Westman, Investment Manager at Almi Invest.
Amer Catic and Dag Bergsjö, researchers in the Division of Product Development, are two of the founders of Yolean, which was started in 2014. There are now ten employees and over 50 different customers who use Yolean's software for visual planning and control. The largest project to date is the expansion of Drottning Silvia's Children's Hospital in Gothenburg. Amer Catic, CEO of Yolean, is very pleased with the investment.
– With investors on board, we can now take the next step and scale up the business to help even more customers get better projects, says Amer.

Concrete software instead of PowerPoints and bullet points

Yolean, together with Volvo Group and Flexlink AB, are also involved in the research project Kidsam, which aims to create an increased understanding of the connected industry's need to run collaborative projects in supply chains. The project is to some extent inspired by a methodology used in the construction industry to handle several different suppliers simultaneously and thus reduce the need for control and administration.
– Kidsam is a typical example of how we in Sweden can collaborate between different industries, between universities, companies and startup companies to quickly produce new innovations. The combination is extremely valuable for Chalmers through the direct contact we get with the need owners and the opportunity for a researcher to be able to evaluate and influence the solutions directly. It is no longer PowerPoints or bullet lists that are produced in the research project, but concrete software that will benefit many future customers through Yolean, says Dag Bergsjö.
Since the start of the research project Vis-IT, Yolean has developed prototypes and software that focus on the end user's needs. Many iterations and experiments later, Yolean is today something as unusual as a startup company with both high growth and positive results. The investment will be used, among other things, for recruitment, marketing and increased establishment in the Scandinavian countries and Germany.


Page manager Published: Fri 23 Oct 2020.