​Eco-fighter Rob Greenfield giving a lecture to students.
​Photo: Carina Schultz

Eco-fighting guest lecturer at IMS

​The department had an environmental celebrity guest last week, when the eco-fighter, adventurer and humanist Rob Greenfield gave a lecture for students.
Greenfield started his career like any other student and liked to party. But a couple of years after his BSc in Biology/Chemistry, he started to re-think about his life and impact on nature. There and then he decided to take on 100 eco-challenges during two years. And after finishing that, he just kept on going with new goals. 
One example of his gentle, nudgy activism is the NY-experiment. He lived like an ordinary newyorker and collected all his garbage for a month. 

Every time he produced waste of some sort, he put it in bags he carried on his body. Gradually it grew and it ended up in a 40 kilo heavy garbage suit. All dressed up, he started to walk around in Manhattan, ended in media and drew big attention to the garbage issue. 

On the question from the audience of what was the most satisfying achivement, he answered “getting rid of the car and going over to a vegetarian lifestyle”.

Today he owns just 111 things, and live in a little house in San Diego making his living by talks and environmental actions. 

More about Rob on: www.robgreenfield.tv

The talk was sponsored and arranged by the course PPU206 Sustainable Products and Productions Systemsin co-operation with Renova​, 

Text and photo: Carina Schultz

Published: Thu 30 Nov 2017.