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​Volvo Car Corporation (VCC), the major car manufacturer in Sweden, employs over 24,000 people globally and sold about 460,000 cars in 2007. VCC Design Centers are located in Göteborg, Sweden, in Barcelona, Spain, and in Camarillo, California/USA.
The component manufacture is carried out in Skövde, Floby and Olofström. The car production plants are located in Göteborg and Uddevalla, Sweden, in Gent, Belgium, and in Chongqing, China. VCC has also assembly plants in Malaysia and Thailand
Volvo Car Corporation is one of the car industry’s strongest brands, with a long and proud history of world-leading innovations. Founded in Gothenburg, Sweden, by Gustaf Larson and Assar Gabrielsson, the first car left the factory on 14 April, 1927.

The ÅF Group is a leader in technical consulting, with expertise founded on more than a century of experience.
Our work focuses on energy, investments in infrastructure and projects for industry. Our base is in Europe, but our business and clients extend right across the globe.
What makes us unique is our co-workers, our networks and the technical consulting industry’s greatest bank of experience.
It’s all summed up in our corporate motto: ÅF – Innovation by experience

LeanNova Engineering is a newly established engineering service company situated in Trollhättan, Sweden, created by former engineers from Saab Automobile AB. Together with our main investor Fouriertransform AB, we are developing the company to compete internationally, mainly focusing on the automotive industry. We offer our customers excellence in development and integration of systems and attributes for complete vehicles. We have since the start-up in February 2012 employed more than 200 engineers with an average working experience of 15 years and we will continue to grow rapidly.

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BETA CAE Nordic AB is the subsidiary of BETA CAE Systems International AG in Gothenburg, Sweden and has a mission to enhance the customers service experience for the CAE engineers in the Nordic region and contribute to the deployment of BETA CAE Systems portfolio to one of the most demanding and fast growing markets.
BETA CAE Systems International AG, headquartered in Root, Switzerland, is a private engineering software company committed to the development of state of the art CAE software systems that meet the requirements of all simulation disciplines. The company is well known for its flagship suite, which comprises KOMVOS SDM-console, ANSA pre-processor, EPILYSIS FEA solver and META post-processor. This suite, and SPDRM, the simulation-process-data-and-resources manager, are being used across a range of industries, including the automotive, railway vehicles, aerospace, motorsports, chemical processes engineering, energy, electronics, heavy machinery, power tools, and biomechanics. The company’s product line is complemented by the newly introduced RETOMO, a software that transforms CT-scan images into tessellated 3D-models.

Volvo Group Trucks Technology covers the entire value chain from long-term research to final delivery of complete vehicles for production to the Volvo Group truck business as well as supporting the products in the aftermarket. We play a vital role in contributing to the profitability, by providing competitive brand unique products that are based on common architecture and shared technology. By leveraging the combined size of the truck brands, we support the Volvo Group's vision to become the world leader in sustainable transport solutions.
Volvo Group Trucks Technology has 10,000 employees working in global teams with focus on delivering world-class engineered products and services.

Gleitmo helps you select the right product for your designs - everything from lubricants to the automotive industry and thermally conductive silicone sealant for electronics, advanced adhesives for marine applications. Whatever your needs are we have the expertise to help you find the right - and to serve as a resource in your prototype development, debug, and optimize your production.
We have more than 35 years of experience in product development in cooperation with manufacturers, training, analysis, import and export as well as technical advice concerning the specialty lubricants, release agents, adhesives, sealants and prototyping materials for the automotive industry, mechanical engineering and plastics and composites industry in Sweden and Norway.

CEVT is a joint engineering and development centre for future B- and C-segment cars, addressing the needs of both Volvo Cars and Geely Auto. CEVT covers vital aspects of passenger car development – from the joint architecture, to power train and drive line components, to top hat engineering as well as the vehicles’ exterior design. The modular strategy will deliver on the premium aspects that Volvo Cars requires, as well as on Geely Auto’s demands, in order to compete in the automotive market.

Published: Thu 27 Sep 2018.