Electric Aviation in Sweden (ELISE)

​ELISE is a Vinnova financed project about electric aviation in Sweden. It is one of several new challenge driven innovation projects that will face social challenges and help to achieve the global sustainability goals in Agenda 2030.
- We have a strong aerospace industry in Sweden, once developed because of threat. Today, the threat is climate change, says Anders Forslund, senior researcher at Chalmers University of Technology and project leader for ELISE (Electric Aviation in Sweden).

The airline accounts for a growing share of global carbon dioxide emissions. Chalmers University of Technology, Luftfartsverket (the Swedish air navigation service provider) and RISE Viktoria will work together with the aviation industry and other actors in ELISE for the development of electric aircraft in Sweden.
The idea is that electric flights will be used in shorter distances and that will contribute to reduced carbon dioxide emissions, and also to reduce noise.

- First we will develop a roadmap for Sweden. For example, what societal functions could it attend to? The electric airplane has many advantages that traditional helicopters and flights lack. Then, with this roadmap on track, we will make a technical inventory, says Anders Forslund. There is a lot of knowledge at Chalmers that can be applied to build electric flights, and we have every opportunity to contribute to this development.

Therefore, Anders invites researchers and students to contact him.

- If you have any idea on how research can contribute to electric flights, please contact me!

The first part of ELISE will be finished December 2018.

Anders Forslund, senior researcher at the division of Product Development, Department of Industrial and Materials Science
E-mail: anders.forslund@chalmers.se
Tel: +46 31 772 12 84
Project partners are Chalmers Areas of Advance - Energy, Production and Transport, Luftfartsverket, RISE Viktoria (former Viktoria Swedish ICT) and QR Tech.

<< Anders Forslund defended his doctoral thesis 2016 about "Uncertainty and Robustness in Aerospace Structures". He is part of
the research group for robust design and quality assurance.

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Published: Tue 17 Apr 2018.