Biomedical signals and systems


Head of Unit: Sabine Reinfeldt
Our researchers are listed below.

Research projects

BCI - Bone Conduction Implant
Functionally deaf patients can gain normal hearing with a new implant that replaces the middle ear. The unique invention has been approved for a clinical study, and the first operation was performed on a patient in December 2012...
The successful completion of this project will have an unprecedented impact on amputee’s healthcare, improving their quality of life and facilitating their reintegration into society. Furthermore, it also aims to answer questions of scientific relevance in both engineering and medical fields...
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eHealth is a wide definition which encapsulates a lot of different sub-groups like telecare, telemedicine, mHealth, electronic patient records, IT-system interoperability  etc. In general terms however it may be defined as the use of ICT (information and communication technology) to promote and improve healthcare...
We take a holistic view of traffic accidents and trauma care and use novel methodologies to address the clinical problems, such as pattern recognition algorithms for improving field triage protocols (used to assess the status of injured patients, to decide where they should be transported and how urgent treatment is) and microwave technology for detection of intracranial bleedings, which makes this project unique...

BAHA - Bone Anchored Hearing Aid

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