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Research at Electrical Engineering

The department of Electrical Engineering deals to a large extent with the modeling and development of efficient systems for extracting and processing information. The systems often represent the essential functions in high-technological products, and can be regarded as the built-in intelligence, the operating systems or as artificial senses. Possible application areas can be found in almost all kinds of electronic devices and advanced technology with integrated electronics.

Central to the research at the department is the fundamental research in signal processing, information theory, and communication systems. This bank of knowledge forms a common base and a “tool kit”, which is utilized in other research areas.

Close collaboration
The applied research projects can be varying and have a wide field of applications. They are often carried out in close collaboration with industry and/or medical researchers, and have the potential to generate many new jobs both in the nearby region and globally.

For a sustainable future
The overall goal of our research is to contribute to a sustainable society. Great demands are placed today, and in the future, on those involved in the development of our society, where we ensure to create a positive impact environmentally, socially and economically.

World-leading research is conducted, i.a. within:

Software solutions and antenna technology that lays the foundation for future wireless 5G network and wired networks at the speed of light. The challenge is to ensure that the worldwide networks together can cope with the exponentially growing demoands from more users and more capacity and speed demanding applications.

Active traffic safety
The development of safer and better traffic system involves several research groups at the department. We are, for example, working with vehicle communications, using information from various types of sensors, and systems that can predict and proactively prevent dangerous traffic situations. Self-driving cars and platoon driving, are exemples of research that gets much attention.

Biomedical engineering
We contribute to the development of medical diagnostic equipment and imaging technology for rapid detection of stroke and cancer using electromagnetics. We conduct research on microwave treatment of tumors, so called hyperthermia. We are also developing the internationally unique implantable hearing aid technology and implantable and thought-controlled arm prostheses.

We develop technology for robotics and automated production systems, thus creating conditions for more effective and energy-efficient production in industry. Simulation and modeling are important components of our research, among other things, to simulate complex dynamic processes in the systems.

The research is organised in a number of research groups, in one of the four divisions:

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