Electric Power Engineering

​Research activities at the Division of Electric Power Engineering can be organised in three main areas: electric power systems, power electronics, and electric machines .  Our work aims to find solutions for a future sustainable electric power system that has a large proportion of renewable energy, smart grids, hybrid and electric vehicles, and new solutions for the use of electric power.

The strength of our research is based on a solid theoretical basis and extensive experimental verification in division laboratories and in the field. Our expertise lies in the following main areas of application:

  • Wind power, with a focus on design, control, grid integration (with respect to intermittent energy sources other than wind, as well, such as solar pV, wave power, etc.), reliability estimates, and maintenance planning.
  • Power transmission and the electric power system, with a focus on distribution, power balancing, and stability, with FACTS (flexible AC transmission systems) in the transmission network and HVDC for long distance connections, integration of small-scale power generation – AC as well as DC grids, and maintenance planning. 
  • Electric and hybrid vehicles, with a focus on energy efficiency for propulsion and in-vehicle energy conversion, integrated propulsion and charging units, power supply, vehicle-customized power electronics, large-scale use of plug-in hybrid vehicles, and grid integration.
  • Electric power market and users, with a focus on modelling and analysis of electric power market and control models, evaluation of power balancing, smart power use, including smart meters and smart-grid demand management.


We are always looking for new research areas and partners. Some of our collaborative research projects:

Published: Fri 05 May 2017. Modified: Tue 21 Nov 2017