High Voltage engineering

​High voltage engineering and technology deal mainly with electric insulation and processes that take place in electric power systems at operating voltages and overvoltages. This field includes studies and modeling of material properties in electric fields, material ageing, discharges and breakdown in gases, liquids, solids and complicated insulating systems (multi-phase systems). Additional area of interest is modern high voltage measuring techniques together with testing and diagnostics of different components and apparatus.

At Chalmers, research activities of the high voltage engineering group concentrate today on material related problems in power system components, which appear due to application of new materials and stresses. DC voltages and high frequency voltages are examples. Studies of ageing mechanisms in polymer based insulation systems (transformers and outdoor composite insulators) and development of diagnostic methods for their detection dominate in these activities. The research is based on closed cooperation with industrial partners. The group provides also possibilities for graduate and postgraduate studies in the field of high voltage engineering through participation (courses and project works) in the International Master’s Programme on Electric Power Engineering (EPMAS) and the Graduate Research School in High Voltage Engineering.

Contact: Professor Stanislaw Gubanski

Published: Mon 29 May 2017.