Communications, Antennas, and Optical Networks

Head of Division: Erik Ström ​

Communication Systems group 

Head of Unit: Fredrik Brännström​

Research areas:

Cooperative Systems
Henk Wymeersch

Distributed Information Systems
Alexandre Graell i Amat

Giuseppe Durisi

Hardware-Constrained Communications
Thomas Eriksson

Optical communications
Erik Agrell

Vehicular Communications
Fredrik Brännström​

Wireless Systems
Tommy Svensson

Antenna Systems group

Head of Unit: Marianna Ivashina

Research areas:

Array Antenna Systems
Marianna Ivashina

UWB and mm-Wave Antennas
Jian Yang

Computational Electromagnetics
Rob Maaskant

OTA Characterization of Antenna Systems
Andres Alayon Glazunov

GAP Waveguide Antennas
Ashraf Uz Zaman

Read more about our research on antenna systems

Optical Networks group

Head of Unit: Paolo Monti

The research group, originally from KTH Royal Institute of Technology​ joined the department of Electrical Engineering on 1 April 2019. 

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