Communications, Antennas, and Optical Networks

Head of Division: Erik Ström ​

Communication Systems group 

Head of Unit: Fredrik Brännström​

Research areas:

Cooperative Systems
Henk Wymeersch

Distributed Information Systems
Alexandre Graell i Amat

Giuseppe Durisi

Hardware-Constrained Communications
Thomas Eriksson

Optical communications
Erik Agrell

Vehicular Communications
Fredrik Brännström​

Wireless Systems
Tommy Svensson

Antenna Systems group

Head of Unit: Marianna Ivashina

Research areas:

Array Antenna Systems
Marianna Ivashina

UWB and mm-Wave Antennas
Jian Yang

Computational Electromagnetics
Rob Maaskant

OTA Characterization of Antenna Systems
Andres Alayon Glazunov

GAP Waveguide Antennas
Ashraf Uz Zaman

Optical Networks group

Head of Unit: Paolo Monti

The research group, originally from KTH​ joined the department of Electrical Engineering on 1 April 2019. Web page is under construction.

Published: Thu 19 Mar 2015. Modified: Wed 26 Jun 2019