​The department consists of four research divisions working with research and education. We also have an administrative division and four research centres.


Steering group

Head of department - Anders Karlström
Vice head of department - Tomas McKelvey
Head of doctoral education - Jonas Fredriksson
Head of undergraduate education - Thomas Eriksson
Head of administration - Pia Karlsson
HR specialist - Cecilia Örnroth



Communication and Antenna systems
Read more about the division Communication and Antenna systems

Head of Division: Erik Ström

Electric Power Engineering
Read more about the division Electric Power Engineering
Head of Division: Jörgen Blennow

Signal processing and Biomedical engineering

Read more about the division Signal processing and Biomedical engineering
Head of Division: Mikael Persson

Systems and Control
Read more about the division Systems and Control

Head of Division: Bengt Lennartson



The administration offers support for activities within the Department of Electrical Engineering. We deal with operational planning and follow-up, accounts, information- and communication activities, course administration in the undergraduate and graduate programs, human resources, purchasing, and other services.
Head of administration - Pia Karlsson
Department Financial Officer - Maria Odéus Forsberg, Anna Lund Rahder (maternity leave)
Financial Officers - Hanna Youn, Petar Margitin, Pia Nilsson
Communications Officers - Yvonne Jonsson, Sandra Arvidsson
Communications Officer Swedish Electromobility Center - Emilia Lundgren
Doctoral programme - Natasha Adler Grønbech
Undergraduate education - Madeleine Persson
Electric Power Engineering - Annie Grundevik
Systems and Control and Antenna Systems - Rebecka Andersson
Communication systems, ChaseOn - Agneta Kinnander
Signal processing and Biomedical engineering, MedTech West - Ann-Christine Lindbom

Organisational structure


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