Chalmers invention Strokefinder exhibited at London Science Museum

​The Science Museum in London is the most visited science and technology museum in Europe, attracting 3.3 million visitors every year. This winter, Chalmers invention Strokefinder is part of the museum's exhibition.
The Science Museum recently opened the display of Strokefinder in the gallery and on the website. Strokefinder is a medical device using microwaves for rapid and accurate diagnosis of stroke patients, invented by Mikael Persson, Professor in Biomedical Engineering at Chalmers. An interview with him is part of the exhibition, and can also be read on the web.
Mikael Persson visited the exhibition in London on December 9.
“This is a very impressive museum that brings together some of the world's most ground breaking inventions. I am both proud and pleased to have the Strokefinder displayed in this context”, he says.
What was your first reaction when you were asked to exhibit Strokefinder in a museum?
“I was first surprised”, says Mikael Persson and smiles.
“But when I realized that this was a modern exhibition of scientific innovation, there was no doubt to saying yes.”
The Science Museum, which houses over 15,000 items, is a home of human ingenuity. The collections form a record of scientific, technological and medical achievements from across the globe. The Strokefinder is part of the exhibition Antennas.
The prototype of Strokefinder is on loan to the museum by the company Medfield Diagnostics.

The Science Museum in London
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Page manager Published: Mon 15 Dec 2014.