New name and new collaborations when Signals and Systems becomes Electrical Engineering

​1 May 2017 the department of Signals and Systems changes names and broadens the range of operations. The new department will consist of four research divisions: Communication and Antenna systems, Systems and Control, Signal processing and Biomedical engineering, and Electric Power Engineering. The new English name of the department is Electrical Engineering (Elektroteknik in Swedish), or simply E2.
​The new research division Electric Power Engineering is formed by a fusion of the present division of Electric Power Engineering, from the department of Energy and Environment, and the division of High Voltage Engineering, from the department of Materials and Manufacturing Technology.

Three questions to Anders Karlström, Head of the department

Why does the department change names from Signals and Systems to Electrical Engineering?
– This is an opportunity for us to emphasize that we now open up not only for new cooperation within the new department, but also for collaborations with other departments at Chalmers – and other external partners. The name Electrical Engineering brings clarity to in which field we operate and where our strengths are. This is also in line with how our research area often is named in the academic world, not least internationally.

What does this change mean?
– About 50 colleagues will join us when forming the new research division Electric Power Engineering. All in all, E2 will consist of about 200 persons. In total this gives us very good conditions to become a strong team with prominent competence within the field of electrical engineering – no matter if it involves electricity, electrical signals, optical signals or microwaves etc. We bring together knowledge of software and hardware. This widens our scope, which will be of great value in many applications of research.

Which advantages do you think that the new department will bring?
– I see many advantages. We can deepen the cooperation that already exists and benefit even more from it, at the same time we open up for new ventures across boundaries. Jointly we can cope with the challenges in society of today, for example the growing demands concerning efficient systems for communications and electrifying. I am convinced that we by interacting via different skills can reach many fruitful forms of collaboration, not least among our doctoral students. In addition, we now are able to communicate more distinctly towards financiers and other external partners. The department of Electrical Engineering is going to play an important role in Chalmers´ comprehensive strategic aim concerning education, research and utilisation.

Page manager Published: Sat 29 Apr 2017.