WiSE seminar with Kerstin Lagerstrand

​Welcome to a WiSE lunch seminar with Kerstin Lagerstrand, Senior Physicist at the Dept. of Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering at Sahlgrenska University Hospital and an affiliated Associate Professor at the Sahlgrenska Academy, University of Gothenburg.​
Kerstin Lagerstrand performed her PhD at the University of Gothenburg and defended her thesis in 2005. Therafter she has continued to perform research and is also teaching at both basic and specialty level at different courses/programs. Kerstin has been a supervisor for a number of bachelor and master students, as well as PhD students.

Her research is focused on how to use and develop technologies as MRI in combination with artificial intelligence (AI) to increase the benefit of MRI investigations in everyday care of patients with different conditions. Presently her research is about degenerative spine problems and heart disease diagnostics.
Kerstin has a high competence in MRI technology/physics and mathematics, which together with her collaborating closely to clinicians makes it likely that the research will benefit patients. To bring technology and clinical medicine together is of outmost importance to drive development within health care of today, and researchers with a science background is an important force within this effort.

On this lunchseminar Kerstin Lagerstrand will also share her personal perspective on her career and being a woman in academia and in the Medical Physics field.

During the seminar, we offer lunch to participants who register before 11:00 on 5 September. Don´t forget to cancel your registration if you can´t attend. 

The seminar is open to anyone with an interest in female rolemodels within academia - especially from Chalmers, Sahlgrenska University Hospital, Sahlgrenska Academy, Gothenburg University, Borås University, and MedTech West.​

WiSE – Women in Science – aims to create a supportive network for young female researchers during their academic career. WiSE is a joint project between MedTech West and the department of Electrical Engineering at Chalmers University of Technology.
Category Seminar
Location: Förmaket, Vita Stråket 12, Sahlgrenska University Hospital
Starts: 09 September, 2019, 11:30
Ends: 09 September, 2019, 13:00

Published: Mon 26 Aug 2019.