About the Department S2

The department of Signals and systems (S2) deals to a large extent with the modeling and development of efficient systems for extracting and processing information. The systems often represent the essential functions in high-technological products, and can be regarded as the built-in intelligence, the operating systems or as artificial senses. Possible application areas can be found in almost all kinds of electronic devices and advanced technology with integrated electronics.
Central to the research at S2 is the fundamental research in signal processing, information theory, and communication systems. This bank of knowledge forms a common base and a “tool kit”, which is utilized in other research areas.
The applied research projects can be varying and have a wide field of applications. They are often carried out in close collaboration with industry and/or medical researchers, and have the potential to generate many new jobs both in the nearby region and globally.

World leading research

The research at S2 is organized in a number of research groups witch are divided into three divisions:

Communication systems
Automatic control, Automation and Mechatronics
Signal processing and Biomedical engineering

Education is an important part of our tasks

The Department provides more than 70 courses in the Bachelor of Engineering, Bachelor of Science, and Master of Science programmes. Many of these courses are a part in our Master of Science programmes:

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