Interaction Design and Software Engineering

The division conducts research and education in two areas: Interaction Design and Software Engineering.

Interaction Design

Interaction Design concerns the interaction between people and products in which information technology is a central component. This can, for instance, be the interface and gameplay of modern computer games, the design of the complex interface between the driver and the network of computers controlling a modern car, the next generation of mobile communication devices or the integration of computational technology into our everyday things, such as "intelligent clothes". Regardless of application area, a design perspective on the interaction between people and technology is central. This makes interaction design an increasingly important area in application and systems development, as well as in industrial and product design.

The area Interaction Design is responsible for the two master's programmes:

Software Engineering

Software Engineering is the systematic application of engineering approaches to and during development of software. The Software Engineering area at this division provides research and education in development of complex software systems and software-intensive systems and is characterized by extensive international cooperation in research as well as close cooperation with industry. Specific areas of interest are requirements engineering, software and system architecture and modeling, testing, continuous and sustainable evolution of software systems, quality of software systems, and human aspects of software engineering, AI Engineering, cyber-physical systems, cloud computing, and domain-specific systems including systems in transport/automotive, telecommunication, and medicine.

Software Engineering at this division are organized into two larger units: SE-TRIP (Testing, Requirements, Innovation, and People) and SE-CPS (Software Engineering for Cyber-Physical Systems). The division is also the host of  Software Center,​ the largest research center in software engineering in Sweden with a focus on digitalization processes in the embedded and complex systems industry both in Sweden and Europe.  

The Software Engineering units are responsible for the following educational programmes:

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Staff at ​Interaction Design and Software Engineering

Head of division: Palle Dahlstedt​

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