Network and Systems

The Network and Systems unit conducts research that focuses on the management, security, and performance of distributed infrastructures for computations, data-processing and communication. From small IoT devices to automated vehicular systems and smart grids, all the way to hyperscale cloud systems. The research aims to develop:
  • Novel and resilient distributed parallel algorithms
  • Security- and privacy-preserving techniques
  • Data processing frameworks
  • Machine-learning systems
  • Resource and power management frameworks for heterogeneous systems
The approaches range from algorithm design and analysis to highly experimental systems research, including modeling, measurement, and theory.

The unit has a strong research and collaboration record with leading industries and universities world-wide, including among others, Ericsson, Volvo AB, Volvo Cars, and Göteborg Energi, with many of the results deployed in systems and products used around the world. The group is involved in many projects, funded by the European Commission, the Swedish Research Council (VR), the Wallenberg Foundation, the Wallenberg Autonomous Systems Program, Sweden’s Innovation Agency (Vinnova) and the Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research (SSF).

The Network and Systems unit is taking part in many teaching activities, especially at the advanced level in the Computer Systems and Networks​ master's programme covering many aspects of modern distributed systems, computer networks, network and computer security and data communication.

Page manager Published: Thu 23 Dec 2021.