Computer and Network Systems

Within the Computer and Network Systems division there are three subject focused units: Computer Systems​, Embedded Electronics Systems and Computer Graphics​, and Networks and Systems​


​Our society is undergoing a digitalization revolution and is becoming increasingly dependent on an increasing number of critical computer systems. These systems require fast and reliable communication, they are expected to deliver high performance and be energy efficient, secure and robust. Advanced research is needed to meet these needs and it is necessary to take a holistic approach, from Internet and cloud-based services with efficient and secure communication, to the design of complex distributed systems, computer architectures, all the way down to components such as accelerators, GPUs and the electronic circuits implementing them. The research within Computer and Network Systems covers this wide range, from large interconnected systems and IoT devices to the smallest pieces of hardware where reliability, security, performance and efficiency are key.

Research areas

  • Distributed systems
  • Data communication
  • Computer graphics
  • Computer systems 
  • Robust real-time systems
  • Security and privacy
  • VLSI​

Industry collaboration 

It is important to us that our research is not just academic but is also useful for our society. A large part of our research is done in collaboration with the industry where we collaborate with large international corporations as well as with smaller enterprises. Our research has also resulted in several start-ups.​


To educate our students to be technology leaders in the digitalization revolution, our course offerings reflect the fundamental areas needed to master concepts and methods and we teach them how to design high-performance, energy-efficient, secure and robust computer systems, all the way from software, algorithms, communication, security to hardware systems and electronic circuits. We offer courses on bachelor’s level and advanced courses on master’s level within the research areas listed above.

The Computer and Network Systems division take a substantial part of the teaching in the following master’s programmes:

Staff at Computer and Network Systems

Head of division: Per Stenström​

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