Software Metrics

The goal of this research is to provide the software industry with methods/tools for effective and efficient use of metrics. The projects in software metrics have been conducted in close cooperation with Ericsson since 2006 under the research program Software Architecture Quality Center, a collaboration between Ericsson Software Research and IT University of Göteborg.

Our research addresses the following research problems:
  • How to address information needs using indicators and metrics? ​
  • How to visualize large quantities of design information in a compact form?  
  • How to develop innovative ways of measuring the quality of design artefacts like requirements, models or source code?  
  • How to ascertain the quality of documentation of professional software products?   

These problems have been (and still are) addressed using empirical methods: experiments in industrial setting, industrial case studies, and surveys among practitioners.

 The group has the expertise in:
  • Development of measurement systems and visualization of quantitative data
  • Identification, development and assessment of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for product and organizational performance
  • Measuring and predicting quality of software designs
  • Quantifying and visualization
    • Documentation quality
    • Communication
    • Requirements complexity
    • Softare reliability
  • Optimization of the number of indicators needed to monitor products and organizations
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Published: Tue 25 Feb 2014. Modified: Thu 30 Jun 2016