Carolo Cup 2015

For the third consecutive year students from Chalmers University of Technology and University of Gothenburg participated in the engineering competition Carolo Cup in Germany.
Team M.O.O.S.E. together with representatives from the sponsors HiQ Göteborg and Delphi.


Team M.O.O.S.E. consists of students from the masters programmes Computer Systems and Networks, Embedded Electronic System Design, and Systems, Control and Mechantronic, and from the bachelor program Software Engineering and Management

In Carolo Cup, student teams compete with autonomous vehicles in 1:10 scale. The cars are being judged on lane following, intersection handling, overtaking, and parking. In addition to that, the team is supposed to present their concept and different hardware and software solutions in front of a jury. The winner is the team with the highest combined score on driving and presentation.    

Parallell development
The Moose Cruise being prepared to demonstrate the parking scenario. During three months the team has been working on two cars, an improved version of last year’s “Legendary”, and the brand new “Moose Cruise”. By developing platform independent software, and running it on both cars, as well as in a separate testing environment, they have been able to run parallell testing and development. One group has been developing the parking  scenario on the "Moose Cruise" while another group worked on lane detection with the "Legendary"

The competition
Team M.O.O.S.E. finishied in 10th place out of 17 teams, due do unfortunately parking with two wheels on the white line, which rendered 0 points from that part of the competition. Without this mishap, the top three would have been within reach, according to supervisor Christian Berger.  

The competition is available on Youtube:


Contacts, Carolo Cup
Christian Berger, senior lecturer, Software Engineering,, +46 31-772 6038
Olaf Landsiedel, assistant professor, Networks and Systems,, +46 31-772 1096
The miniature vehicles developed at the Department of Computer Science and Engineering are based on technology from the Gulliver project.
Elad Michael Schiller, associate professor, Networks and Systems,, +46 31-772 1052


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