Supervisor information

Welcome as supervisor!

The following information is important when you are working as a supervisor at CSE.

For issues regarding your fees, you should contact Grace Milaszewski,

You submit all time reports and other paperwork (tax decisions, medical certificates) to Grace Milaszewski in room 6122 in the EDIT-building at Johanneberg, or to Ann Tornberg in room 467 in the Jupiter building at Lindholmen, depending on which campus you are working at. You can also pick up blank time reports on paper at their offices, if you do not want to use the pdf-version.

In order to receive compensation for teaching/tutoring/grading, you must fill in the form Course Time report. If it is the first time you receive payment from the department, and you want the money deposited directly into your bank account, you must also fill out the Nordea Application form below, and submit it at any Nordea office or send it by regular mail according to the address given on the form.
You need to submit this form even if your personal account is at Nordea, and the form needs to reach the bank 10 days before payment day in order for them to process your request. If you don’t fill out the transfer order, your salary will be sent to you on a withdrawal slip in the mail instead.

You receive payment by the hour for the time you supervise.

  • Fee/hour: 156 SEK for those without a Master degree
  • Fee/hour: 184 SEK for those with a Master degree

If you work in the evening you receive an additional 39 SEK for every hour after 18:00h. The amounts are including vacation salary.

If you are eligible for tax adjustment, you need to apply for it to your local tax office and then hand in your tax adjustment decision together with your time report.
If you are hired after October you have to submit both your preliminary and your final tax assessment. Leave it to the contact person on your campus in the beginning of January. This is to prevent that higher taxes than necessary are drawn on your January salary.

Preparation time
If you lead an exercise class or supervise and/or correct practicum, you also get some reimbursement for preparation time. The number of hours reimbursed varies from course to course depending on the level of difficulty. How many preparation-hours you get paid for is agreed between you and the course responsible, who will state the number of hours on the last form you submit for the course.

Time report
To achieve the fastest possible processing of your time report you should: 

  • Submit it by the first day of the month in order to receive your salary on the 25th. (For example, you leave your form for October no later than the first of November, in order to receive your salary on 25th November.)
  • Complete a separate form for each course you are supervising.
  • Fill out one form per month, and get it certified by the course responsible person.
  • Make sure the report is clear and fully completed (ex. Put the course code on each form) before submitting it.

In case of illness
If you are temporarily ill, contact the course responsible right away. If he/she agrees, you can try to switch your scheduled hours with another tutor on the course. If you get a long-time disability the course responsible needs to find a replacement, so it is very important that you directly  contact him/her.

When you are employed by the hour you are entitled to sick pay if the time of employment is at least one month and the work is performed regularly, preferably according to a schedule. On the form "Course Time report" you should indicate the hours you were scheduled to work, and mark your sick days clearly. For those hours, you will receive 80 percent reimbursement.

According to Swedish law, the first day of sick leave is qualifying time – that means no salary.
From the eighth sick day a medical certificate is required. If you are sick for more than 14 days, the personnel department will notify Försäkringskassan.

Please find below the forms: 


Published: Tue 25 Mar 2014. Modified: Fri 25 Aug 2017